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Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Sale

The lead time quoted on any order is an estimate based on past experience. We will endeavour to deliver the goods to you within this timescale, however Rodgers cannot be held responsible for manufacturing delays.

Rodgers will not be responsible for any other losses, costs, damages or charges that you may suffer if there is a delay in supplying, or we are unable to supply the goods.

A mattresss can only be returned if it is unused and wrapped.

Home Flooring Surveyor and Subfloor Preparation

We only carry out and take responsibility for any free survey where the product to be installed is subsequently purchased from us. The survey is limited to checking what is physically visible without lifting existing flooring. Any extra works required above what has been quoted will be changeable. If you would like the entire subfloor checked, it is your responsibility to lift the existing floor coverings prior to inspection.

Empyting Rooms

Customers are asked to empty rooms before fitters start their work, however should there be any items that cannot be removed, please notify us at the time of the survey or when the fitting date is arranged so that the extra time can be allowed for this. All time spent moving furniture is chargeable from £30 per room and that is done at the owners risk. We ask that breakable items and electrical goods be removed prior to our arrival and wardrobes and drawers should be empty.

Electrical Appliances and Cookers

If it is required for the floor covering to be fitted under any appliance, the appliance must be disconnected by a qualified person prior to our arrival. If it is not possible, it is suggested that the flooring covering be fitted around the appliance. Should any appliances be moved by our fitters, it is at the owners risk and responsibility to check all connections before use.

Trimming Doors

Please note that if the new carpet is thicker than that previously fitted, the bottom of the door may need trimming and our fitters are unable to carry out this work.


Shading is a natural result of carpet wear and can be particularly noticeable on plain cut pile carpets. It is caused by uneven pressure on the pile surface, often highlighted when light falls on the carpet pile from certain directions. Shading is in no way detrimental to the wear of the carpet.

Pile Reversal

Pile reversal, while similar to shading in appearance, is characterised by a permanent change in the appearance of the carpet where the pile lays in different directions, often randomly. There are no known causes to this phenomenon and it is not a manufacturing fault.


Wool carpets will naturally shed or pill with abrasion on the carpet surface. it is not considered a manufacturing fault and the carpet appearance will be improved by apprioprate and regular maintenance. Maintenance instructions can be found on the manufacturers website or you can contact us for advice.
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